Term dates and fees

"Loved it from the first class - it's the Rolls Royce of all music classes"

Spring Term 2019

Monday 7th January to Wednesday 20th March (10 weeks)
Half term 11th-15th February
Cost £90 for 10 weeks

Summer Term 2019

Monday 24th April to Monday 8th July (10 weeks)
Half term 28th May-1st June
Cost £90 for 10 weeks

Autumn Term 2018

Monday 10th September to Wednesday 5th December (11 weeks)
Half term 22nd October-2nd November
Cost £95 for 11 weeks

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Eleanor loves going to Mini Crotchets - it is the highlight of her week!


Mini Crotchets is informal, yet disciplined and great fun.


It is great to have beautiful singing accompanied by such imaginative piano playing.


Mini Crotchets may be quite far from my home but the classes are the most friendly, musical and fun of any music group that I have tried.