"In my opinion there is nothing on the market that compares to Mini Crotchets."

Joya Logan

Founded by Joya Logan, GTCL LTCL, the aim of Mini Crotchets is to introduce young children, from 6 months to 3 years, to the fun and enjoyment of music. It started in 1992 and very quickly earned a reputation for being probably the best music group for toddlers in South London.


Classes are run with the emphasis on having fun through music. This includes action and counting songs, traditional nursery rhymes, finger puppet songs and instrument playing. The children develop concentration, co-ordination; they learn to share toys and to return them – all basic skills they need to learn before going to school.


The truly interactive classes are engaging, educational, fun and full of variety and are led by wonderful singing with a lovely mix of lively and quiet songs. Classes are always led by Joya and are accompanied by live imaginative piano playing, allowing Joya to bring each song to life by acting it out with actions that the children love joining in with.
The size of the class is limited to ten, creating an intimate atmosphere that encourages their enjoyment of music and captivates their interest. Classes are of mixed ages allowing the younger children to watch and learn from the older children and also allowing the grown-ups to see the possibilities that are ahead! The classes run for half an hour. Please click the here for time and location of classes. Children are always accompanied by an adult.

Come and join the Mini Crotchet Magic!